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Diet Coke slogans List

Create your own Diet Coke break.

Just for the taste of it! (US 1982, 1986, 1995, 2000, 2009, 2014)

The one of a kind. (US 1984)

Taste it all! (US 1993)

This Is Refreshment. (US 1994)

You are what you drink. (US 1998)

Live Your Life. (US 2001)

Do what feels good. (US 2002)

Must be a Diet Coke thing. (US 2004)

Life is how you take it. (US 2005)

Light it up! (US 2006)

Yours (US 2007)

Enjoyment (US 2007)[citation needed]

What life should be like. (US 2008)[citation needed]

Open Happiness. (Worldwide 2009-Present)

Hello You... (UK 2009)

I light it. (Spain 2010)

Stay Extraordinary. (US 2010–2014)

Love it heavy. (UK 2010)[citation needed]

You're On. (US 2014)

Get a Taste. (US 2014–2018)

Because I can. (US 2018-present)

Diet Coke slogans List:

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