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Dodge slogans List

Dependability, The Dependables. (1920s–1967)

Dodge Fever. (1968–1969)

You Could be Dodge Material. (1970–1971)

An American revolution. (1982–1989) (slogan recycled by Chevrolet, a GM brand in 2005)

The new Dodge. (1992–2000)

Dodge. Different. (2000–2001)

Grab life by the horns. (2001–2007, mainly for Dodge truck market)

Grab life. (2007 – mid-June 2010, in Ram pickup truck ads)

Never neutral. (2010–present)

Guts. Glory. Ram. (2010–present, Ram Truck division)

Born Dodge. (2014–present)

Domestic. Not Domesticated. (2016–present)

Dodge slogans List:

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