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Eastern Airlines slogans List

First in on-time dependability. (1963)

See How Much Better An Airline Can Be. (1963-late 1960s)

We want everyone to fly. (1967-late 1960s)

Number one to the sun. (late 1960s)

We earn our wings every day. (early 1970s-mid-1980s)

The wings of man. (1970s-mid-1980s)

We Have To Earn Our Wings Every Day. (1980-mid-1980s)

We've got your sunshine. (mid-1980s)

America's Favorite way to Fly. (late 1980s)

Official Airline of the Tampa Bay Bucs. (late 1980s)

100 Days. (Early 1990-1991)

The second largest airline in the free world.

Eastern Airlines slogans List:

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