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Saab Automobile slogans List

The Swedish Car with Aircraft Quality. (first English slogan)

Go Swift – Go Safe – Go Saab. (advertisement page – 1970s FIA Year Book)

The most intelligent cars ever built. (1980s)

Find your own road. (1990s)

A Saab will surrender its own life to save yours. (1990s)

Welcome to the State of Independence. (early 2000s decade; United States)

Born From Jets. (2003–09; United States, Canada)

Move Your Mind. (final global slogan)

People Who Test Drive a Saab, Usually Buy One.

It's A Pity Other Cars Aren't Built This Way.

We don’t make compromises. We make Saabs.

Saab. It's what a car should be.

Beyond the conventional. (1990s United Kingdom).

The Command Performance Car.

The Well-Built Swede.

A different view. Explore new terrain.(Saab – 9-3X)

Put your foot down and let your senses guide you.

Saab Automobile slogans List:

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