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Sainsbury's slogans List

Quality perfect, Prices Lower. (1882)

Sainsbury's For Quality, Sainsbury's For Value. (1918)

Sainsbury's. Essentials for the Essentials.

Good Food Costs Less At Sainsbury's. (1960s)

Sainsbury's – Everyone's Favourite Ingredient. (1990s)

Fresh food, fresh ideas. Eat healthy. (1998)

Value to shout about.

Making Life Taste Better. (1999)

Try something new today. (2005 - 2011)

Value where it matters. (2010 - 2011)

Clothes You Can't Wait To Wear. (2011)

Live Well For Less. (2011)

Christmas is for Sharing. (2013 to present)

Here's to Extraordinary.

Sainsbury's slogans List:

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