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Technology enterprise slogan

Technology enterprise slogan

1. Technology creation Surpasses dreams
2. Science and technology education should start from the doll
3, the light of technology, create the future!
4, pay attention to technology, create legend
6. Technological innovation, never ending
7, the wings of science, the dream of flying science
8, today's little inventor, tomorrow's big scientist
9, today's whimsy, tomorrow is fruitful
10, technology - the wings of the young eagle flying
12. Advocating science, exploring innovation, and challenging new technologies
14. Study science and meet the challenges of the future!
15. The ideal of science and innovation
18, trigger youth inspiration, light up scientific life
21, the enjoyment of inappropriate scientific and technological achievements, to be a practitioner of scientific and technological exploration!
22. Arm our minds with knowledge and realize our dreams with science!
24, today's whimsy, tomorrow is fruitful!
25, use innovation to embellish life, let technology integrate into the ideal!
26, draw a new century technology blueprint, showing the new era of student style!
27. Rely on scientific and technological progress to achieve sustainable development!
28, knowledge changes life, technology creates the future!
29, you are wonderful because of technology, technology is taking off for you!
30. Life is wonderful because of creation, and the nation is eternal because of creation!
31. Study science, love science, speak science, use science!
32. Vigorously implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the strategy of sustainable development!
33. Promote scientific spirit, popularize scientific knowledge, and disseminate scientific ideas and scientific methods!
34. Enhance the scientific and technological awareness of the whole people and improve the scientific literacy of the public!
36. Promote the spirit of innovation and enhance the ability to innovate!
40. Strengthen the popularization of science and technology and improve the scientific and cultural quality of citizens.
42. Life needs technology and technology to improve life.
45. Respect knowledge, respect talents, and create a technological development environment.

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